About Vantage Technology Consulting Group

Vantage Technology Consulting Group provides system design and strategic technology consulting that links strategy, systems and infrastructure. We deliver creative thinking and innovative technology solutions backed by established processes and robust engineering skills.

We are integrating technology into civic and corporate facilities to enhance efficiency and future flexibility, creating the vision for next-generation technology rich hospitals and healthcare facilities, and collaborating with schools and universities to design forward looking technology-enabled teaching and learning environments. We partner with architects and facilities managers to integrate advanced IT, telecom, audiovisual, security, healthcare and educational technologies into new facilities and major renovations. We collaborate with end users to envision new workflows based on emerging technologies. We work with IT departments to develop their technology and communications infrastructure, address governance needs and mitigate information security risks.

Since 2001, we have delivered hundreds of successful projects in the healthcare, higher education, public sector and corporate sectors.

Our Core Services

  • Systems and Infrastructure Design Services supporting architectural design, technology visioning, system design and documentation, upgrades and design planning and infrastructure planning assessments — our projects employ the latest cutting edge technologies in low voltage systems, audiovisual systems, data networks and telecommunication systems
  • Strategic Planning and Technology Management consulting to help IT departments understand the impact of technology and organizational structure on current and future operations — our projects address all aspects of technology infrastructure and management, strategic planning, organizational development, IT governance, and information security

Our Key Philosophies

  • We offer a forward-looking vision coupled with an attention to detail that challenges conventional thinking
  • We challenge artificial boundaries and silos between technologies, encouraging you to consider the big picture and opportunities presented by integration between technologies, systems and applications
  • We speak your language while emphasizing collaboration, building consensus and matching expectations with project deliverables

Why Work with Us?

  1. We combine our strategic and technology experience with detailed engineering and design implementation provides you with a holistic view of your overall project
  2. We are an independent technology consulting firm with no ties to vendors, manufacturers or installers which gives us the freedom to recommend the best solution for your project
  3. We can work independently or partner with your architectural firm or consultant to deliver the best solution for your project