Denise Cheung, CTS


Denise Cheung, CTS
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Denise has over 15 years of technology systems design experience and has worked on a variety of projects in the educational, public sector, and commercial markets. Her strengths include consulting on large-scale combined AV, IT and SE projects from beginning to end, starting with conceptual programming, developing budget projections, infrastructure and systems designs, and managing construction administration. In addition, she has participated in several design/build projects and enjoys the fast-paced and collaborative nature of those projects.

Denise’s specialty is high-level AV systems in educational spaces. She has designed a large variety of AV systems, including Case Study Classrooms, Moot Courts, Teaching Labs, Research Labs, Active Learning, and Traditional Classrooms.

She is also skilled with Revit, and has designed custom tools to increase model accuracy and produce useful information for her designs.

Denise earned a Bachelor of Music in Music Technology at Northwestern University.