Isaac Swindell


Isaac Swindell
  • Programmer
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  • Motorcycle Enthusiast

Isaac has a background in CAD technology, systems information design, engineering and installation services, and is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) specialist, working with multiple applications, including AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup, Solidworks, and Bluebeam. He excels at integrating technology systems and other structural components into 3D models and simulations. Isaac understands that coordination between the design team and end user stakeholders is critical in completing successful projects, and has worked with large teams on projects including the Apple Campus in Northern California and the Google Research Facility in Mountain View, CA. As a former IT Technician and Manager, Isaac has a valuable ability to understand end user applications, allowing him to design efficient and practical systems. With the ongoing evolution of technology integrating into everyday lives, Isaac strives to establish harmony between complex systems and ease of use.