Jess Martin

Senior Consultant

Jess Martin
  • Builder
  • Destroyer
  • Athlete

With experience in AutoCAD and Revit and a background in design, Jess brings technical and aesthetic skill to Vantage. She is able to seamlessly integrate complex technologies into designs that are both stunning and user friendly. Her ever evolving curiosity and knowledge of how systems work allows her to see beyond the technologies of today and plan for future advancements. She provides clients with versatile designs that can encompass all that technology has to offer.

For her whole life, Jess has been the type of person who takes things apart in order to see how they work. She took dismantling to a whole new level while at her first job out of engineering school on the television show Mythbusters (she blew up a lot of things). Jess has a love to build things and, with a crew of friends, constructs an art car made out of a catamaran at Burning Man every year. More recently, she started coding for fun and is currently working on Javascript. She likes knowing the ins and out of systems, be it the garbage disposal or ProjectWise. Being physically active keeps her sane; she enjoys climbing, running, and CrossFit.

Jess graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.