Boston University School of Education

Information Technology and Instructional Media Technology Assessment

Location: Boston, MA
Client:  Boston University

Project Description:

Vantage performed a high-level assessment of Information Technology (IT) and Instructional Media (IM) at the School of Education to better understand current systems, services and organizational dynamics and to incorporate more innovation into day-to-day IT and IM service offerings and operations.  The goal of the assessment was to create a clear vision of IT and IM for the future. The project developed a baseline analysis of the technical, operational, organizational, and financial aspects of IT and IM at the school and identified problem areas, issues, and opportunities within the present organizations and how they function. The resulting report identified the changes necessary to provide a culture more conducive to teaching and learning, faculty development, the use of educational technologies, and future development of technology enabled classrooms.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Academic Technology Planning
  • Facilitated Workshops and Visioning Sessions


  • Information Technology Systems
  • Instructional Media Systems


  • User Focused Plan
  • Flexible Plan for Technology Enabled Classroom