Boston University Physics Department

SCALE-UP Studio Classroom

Location: Boston, MA
Client:  Boston University
Architect:  ICON Architecture

Project Description:

3,000 gross square feet of existing lab space was transformed into a Student-Centered Active Learning Environment for Undergraduate Programs (SCALE-UP), with associated lobby and collaborative study support spaces.  The classroom accommodates 81 students and provides extensive AV/IT infrastructure to support the SCALE-UP teaching philosophy.

In traditional classrooms, student laptops are a source of distraction.  In a SCALE-UP classroom, laptops are leveraged into an interactive learning environment.  Students can share their work and collaborate on the classroom’s multiple screens, helping them learn more effectively by seamlessly participating and interacting with other students and the instructor.

The SCALE-UP classroom technology allows students to manipulate digital items from any location to any screen in the classroom.  Instructors control and direct students to jointly develop simulations, translate passages, edit documents, or work with any standard computer application to contribute, all without students getting up from their seats.

Vantage worked with the BU physics department staff as well as the AV and IT departments and the architect to determine performance and technical requirements and prepare preliminary drawings and a budget report.  As part of its technical services, Vantage reviewed multiple contractor bids, shop drawings, submittals, samples and all technology-related project documentation.

Installed systems include:

  • SCALE-UP system with 30 student workstations
  • Six 87” SmartBoards
  • Instructor laptop integration with touch-screen annotation panel.
  • AV equipment racks and instructor lectern
  • HDMI switching, routing, and touch panel control system
  • Wired and wireless speech support via ceiling loudspeakers
  • Assistive Listening System per ADA requirements for classrooms
  • Wireless audience response system
  • Videoconferencing & class capture interfacing
  • All new low-voltage infrastructure, wiring, connection panels and receptacles

Vantage assisted BU and the architect from pre-schematic phases through to final completion and rededication in 2013.


  • AV Programming & Budgeting
  • Design Specification
  • Construction Administration & Acceptance Testing


  • Interactive Classroom Technologies (SCALE-UP hardware and software for 30 workstations)
  • Lecture Capture
  • Videoconference System
  • Classroom Presentation
  • Public Address System


  • Transformed an existing traditional science lab into an interactive digital studio space.