City of Brea

City Council Chambers

Location: Brea, CA
Client: City of Brea
Architect: Gonzalez Goodale Architects

Project Description:

The City Council in Brea, CA, is currently renovating its Chambers to address aging technology and materials, and the desire to make the Chambers more accessible for people with disabilities.

Vantage was brought on board, by the architectural team and the City to design an upgrade to the audio visual system to address the specific issues affecting the audio and to reinstate the use of the large 8’ x 25’ rear projection screen for new digital materials for use during City Council Meetings.

Upgrades to the audio visual systems will include individual monitor screens for City Council Members and three separate large rear-projected digital images for public viewing. A new video production switcher will be included to accommodate the current cameras and plan for future HD deployment. A new audio system, including a digital linked mixing board, will be deployed to assist in the easy setup of Council Sessions via standard presets for control staff. Voting support and audio discussion systems are included to help the meeting recording process allowing for comprehensive digital record keeping.

A new ADA compliant presentation podium is part of the solution and includes a timing beacon and presenter microphone.


  • Architectural Design Support
  • System Design
  • Lighting Design Support
  • Project Management
  • Broadcast Support


  • Digital Voting Support and Minutes Recording
  • Broadcast Recording & Streaming
  • Audiovisual Presentation
  • Media Distribution
  • Multimedia Production
  • Digital Media Storage/ Playback
  • Tie Line Technology Linking to Off-site Facilities


  • Connectivity to local television station for more public accessibility to meetings
  • Connectivity to the web streaming service
  • Total audio-visual refresh increases efficiencies at Council meetings.