Colgate University

Enterprise Content Management Procurement

Location: Hamilton, NY
Client:  Colgate University

Project Description:

The Colgate University Admissions department saw value in implementing a document management system (also known as an Enterprise Content Management or ECM system) to streamline the deluge of paper in the admissions process.  The Colgate IT department wisely realized the potential value of such a system to the entire enterprise and approached Vantage to assist Colgate in working through the entire procurement process.

Vantages outlined and led a process to introduce the concept, gauge interest, discuss business process and integration with existing systems, and build consensus amongst the diverse stakeholder groups.  Based on the results of this internal process, Vantage produced an RFP, assessed responses, reviewed pros and cons of the alternate system offering, lead the finalist interview process making sure that the vendors understood the critical details of Colgate’s requirements, and subsequently made a selection recommendation to Colgate.


  • Strategic Planning
  • System Assessment & Planning
  • Facilitated Workshops and Visioning Sessions
  • RFP Development


  • Information Technology Systems
  • Administrative Technology Systems


  • Benefits of Enterprise Wide ERP System and Integration with Existing Systems
  • Strong Stakeholder Consensus Around the Recommended Vendor