Connecticut State University System

Technology Financial and Management Assessment

Location: Hartford, CT
Client:  Connecticut State University System

Project Description:

Vantage was originally selected to perform an assessment of the technical, management, and financial aspects of Connecticut State University’s (CSU) telephone systems and services, and analyze the ways they are provided and managed in order to optimize the combination of centralized and decentralized technology services.  CSU serves over 34,000 students in its four campus locations.  Each of the four universities that make up CSU is autonomous, but all share centralized telephone, wide area network and video services managed by the CSU Telecommunications Department located in the System Office.

Following analysis and presentation of the results of the initial work to the Chancellor, the Council of Presidents, and the Board of Trustees, Vantage was selected to work with the System Office and the four component universities to develop a plan for implementation of the recommendations.  This work was accomplished in cooperation with a senior level Steering Committee and University and System Office staff.  The result was a comprehensive plan, presented to and approved for implementation by the Chancellor, Council of Presidents and the Board of Trustees.  At the direction of the Board of Trustees, the plan is being implemented.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Organization Development
  • Financial Modeling and Assessment


  • Telephone Systems
  • Wide Area Networking


  • Enhanced Network Security
  • Central Control of Rogue Networks
  • Strategic View of Technology Affecting Institutional Objectives