City of Fontana

Grover W. Taylor City Council Chambers

Location: Fontana, CA
Client: City of Fontana
Architect: BMLA, Andreson Architects

Project Description:

The Grover W. Taylor City Council Chambers in Fontana, CA, re-named in 2011 after the passing of the original architect for the building, was renovated to address aging technology and materials, and the desire to make the Chambers more accessible for people with disabilities.

Vantage was brought on board, by the architectural team and the City to design an upgrade for the audio visual systems and to provide a way to link the Chambers to off-site facilities, i.e. the Main Library (technologies also designed by Vantage) and to upgrade the link to the local television station (KFON), which broadcasts City Council Meetings.

Upgrades to the audio visual systems include individual 17” screens for City Council Members, two 72” plasma screens, and two 51” plasma televisions for public viewing.  Additionally, five new high new high broadcast cameras were added to improve the quality and angles of pictures received by home viewers.  Voting support and audio discussion systems were included to help the meeting recording process for comprehensive digital record keeping.

Material refresh to the facility included the reconfiguration of walls and ceilings, remodel of the dais and staff areas and a re-fresh of window treatments, seating and a new backdrop for the Mayor.

Council Members and the Clerk received a three-week training course on the new technologies.


  • Architectural Design Support
  • System Design
  • Lighting Design Support
  • Project Management


  • Videoconferencing
  • Audiovisual Presentation
  • Media Distribution
  • Multimedia Production
  • Digital Media Storage/ Playback
  • Tie Line Technology Linking to Off-site Facilities
  • Digital Voting Support and Minutes Recording


  • Connectivity to local television station (KFON) for more public accessibility to meetings
  • Connectivity to the Fontana main Library
  • Total audio-visual refresh increased efficiencies at Council meetings.