Sourcing Strategy for New Services Providers for New Network

Location: Trenton, NJ
Client:  NJEDge

Project Description:

 NJEDge.Net, New Jersey’s Higher Education Network, is a non-profit consortium that was developed as part of the state plan for higher education. The consortium was designed to support New Jersey’s institutions of higher education in their pursuit of excellence. The mission of NJEDge is to provide collaborative resources and networked information services to its members and affiliates in support of education; research and development; outreach and public service; as well as economic development throughout the state of New Jersey.  In providing a statewide network infrastructure, NJEDge.Net establishes standards for interoperability, achieves economies of scale and supports new and emerging technology-enabled forms of inter-institutional collaboration among members and affiliates.

Vantage was retained by NJEDge to acquire proposals from qualified providers of network services to replace the current NJEDge.Net network including the main state-wide fiber network backbone, the connecting circuits for each of the members, transition assistance (project management, vendor liaison, and design/engineering) during the change from the present network, and on-going network monitoring and alerting services (“Management Services”) after the new network was installed.


  • Strategic Leadership on Sourcing Approaches and Best Practices.
  • Researched and Reviewed Qualified Providers for Replacement of Network
  • Transition Assistance
  • Design/Engineering


  • Project Management
  • Vendor Liaison
  • Ongoing Network Monitoring


  • Eased the Challenges of Network Transitions
  • Provided Continuity During Replacement of Main State-Wide Fiber Network Backbone
  • Alerting Services after Network was Installed