Norwich University

Plan for a Plan

Location: Northfield, VT
Client:  Norwich University

Project Description:

It is never Vantage’s preference to make hasty recommendations without a thorough analysis of the client’s current situation, but when a client needs direction fast to meet externally imposed deadlines, Vantage will do everything possible to satisfy the client’s needs.  That was the case when Norwich University asked Vantage for a “gestalt” of the Information Technology Services Department and a pathway towards developing a vision for academic technology at Norwich.  In nine days from setting foot on campus, Vantage produced a report of findings and a series of steps Norwich could follow to implement an academic technology strategic plan.

The pathway was, of necessity, far from direct, since it had to include priority change in the way the University thought about data security.  The steps to be taken covered governance, organizational effectiveness, and communication as well as faculty and student involvement in the development of a vision for academic technology.


  • Strategic Planning
  • System Assessment & Planning
  • Facilitated Workshops and Visioning Sessions


  • Information Technology Systems
  • Academic Technology Systems
  • Wireless networks


  • New Vision for Academic Technology
  • Fast Response to Generate Momentum
  • Inclusive Process that Involved IT, Faculty and Students