Perkins School for the Blind

Microsoft Donation

Location: Watertown, MA
Client:  Perkins School for the Blind

Project Description:

Perkins School for the Blind was offered a significant donation from Microsoft and subsequently engaged Vantage to provide advice on possible uses.  Vantage reviewed Perkins School needs and Microsoft’s offerings to establish how and where certain Microsoft products and software could be used to enhance student success and back office operations at the school.  Vantage helped the school substitute Microsoft products for high value equipment specified in technology systems which had been in design; select education and entertainment products and software to influence student achievement, and identify software with the capacity to improve back office functionality.

Vantage subsequently led a series of workshops to help Perkins School evaluate Microsoft software as a basis for establishing a learning management system for the School’s work in distance learning to train teachers for the blind.


  • Strategic Planning
  • System Assessment & Planning
  • Technology Program Development


  • Wireless Data Network
  • Network Security and Authentication
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Videoconference and Distance Learning Systems


  • Reduced Equipment Costs
  • Enhanced Student Experience
  • Increase in Administrative Efficiency