Temple University

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Client:  Temple University

Project Description:

Vantage worked with the Temple University Telecommunications Department to review and assess their voice, data and video technology systems and the operational and maintenance procedures associated with their management.  Based on this work, a comprehensive disaster recovery plan was developed that allows for logical and efficient response to emergency situations and for timely recovery of systems following extensive technology outages or in the event of a campus or a community disaster.  The telecommunications plan was integrated into the broader University plan and took into consideration the potential impact of University outages on the surrounding Philadelphia community, as well as the potential impact that a neighborhood emergency could have on University operations.  Vantage has found that such planning not only serves the University and its many internal organizations in urgent situations but it also advances the understanding and communications with the surrounding community.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Facilitated Workshops and Visioning Sessions
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Infrastructure Planning


  • Telecommunications Wide Area Networks, and Data Networking
  • Information Technology Systems
  • Telephone Systems


  • Insight into Existing Operational Procedures
  • Reduced Risk
  • Enhanced Relationship With the Surrounding Community