Temple University

Financial Analysis & Rate Development

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Client:  Temple University

Project Description:

Vantage Technology Consulting Group worked with the Temple University Telecommunications Department to perform an analysis of the voice, data and video services the department provides to the academic campus and the affiliated Temple University Hospital.  Working closely with a team consisting of the Associate Vice President for Telecommunications, the technical staff, the Chief Information Officer, and the IT Finance Office, Vantage determined the true cost of each of the services provided by the department and developed rates for each that would allow for the recovery of costs from University and Hospital user departments.  The work developed a logical and cost effective framework that provided for the ongoing funding of management, maintenance and upgrade of all hardware and software systems and services.

Since the original work, telecom systems have grown and service offerings have expanded.  Temple’s 34,000 line telephone system is being converted to VoIP over the next five years, their 43,000 connection data network has grown and been updated to accommodate VoIP, and the Telecommunications Dept. has expanded video services to include security/CCTV and classroom technologies.  Based on the success of our previous work, Temple has called on Vantage once again to assist in the refresh of the original financial and cost models.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Facilitated Workshops and Visioning Sessions
  • Financial Modeling and Assessment


  • Telecommunications
  • Wide Area Networks and Data Networking
  • Information Technology Systems
  • Telephone Systems and Unified Communications


  • Insight into the business of technology on campus
  • Provision of a sustaining system to recover costs and provide ongoing cash flow for ongoing management, maintenance and upgrades