Texas Christian University

Emergency Notification System

Location: Ft. Worth, TX
Client:  Texas Christian University

Project Description:

The protection of life and property at Texas Christian University has long been a high priority.  This is exacerbated by not only various high-profile incidents on other campuses across the US, but TCU’s location in “tornado alley” where the campus is subject to various extreme weather situations.  In times like those, moments count and timely notification is paramount.

In June 2011 Vantage Technology Consulting Group was selected by Texas Christian University (TCU) to perform a high-level assessment of Emergency Mass Notification Systems (EMNS) at TCU and to assist TCU in selecting and implementing a single, coherent, easy-to-use EMNS to alert TCU students, faculty, staff, and visitors of emergency events which might happen on or near campus.  While TCU had many of the pieces in place, what was lacking was a single, unifying system providing a simple, uniform interface allowing for “inside, outside, at your side, and in your face” notification.  Vantage worked with TCU to select such a system and vendor, negotiate the contract, determine the implementation approach, and develop ENS policies, procedures and information flows.

The University has expanded and improved its emergency mass notification systems which are now comprised of the campus fire alarm system, in-building and outdoor communications equipment (paging and sirens), and the Everbridge mass notification system (more commonly known as TCU Alert).  Future enhancements to the EMNS include consideration of digital signage, CATV alerts, campus radio alerts and computer “screen pops”.


  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Modeling


  • Everbridge Mass Notification
  • In-building paging
  • Outdoor paging and sirens
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Data Network
  • Telephone System
  • Digital Signage
  • Campus Radio and Television


  • Improved notification to students, faculty, and staff
  • Upgrade internal communicationFoundation for future enhancements