Tulane University

Telecommunications Department Consolidation

Location: New Orleans, LA
Client:  Tulane University

Project Description:

Historically, Tulane University (Uptown) and Tulane Health Science Center and Hospital (Downtown) have been separate in terms of telecommunications systems and operations.  While the data networking for the two entities (excluding the Hospital) had been consolidated, telecommunications had not.  The Director of Telecommunications for the Uptown campus was stepping down and it was determined that this was a good time to plan for the consolidation of the two organizations.  Tulane felt that there was some benefit of having the consolidation plans reviewed by “fresh eyes”, however, this transition was not adversarial and was embraced by all parties.  The issue was not so much the consolidation, per se, but the opportunities that this kind of event offered for technical and operational improvements.

Since the Uptown and Downtown campuses use different telecommunications systems, the objectives of the planning process conducted by Vantage were to assess the current state of telecommunications at both campuses and make recommendations regarding:

  • System changes including approaches for interconnecting and improving communications between the two main locations
  • Service improvements
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Organizational changes
  • Integration with other technology departments and services (networking, media services, podcasting, etc.)
  • Timeframes for recommended actions


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  • Telephony
  • Voice messaging
  • Departmental planning


  • Improved management
  • Cost Reduction
  • Integration of Technologies