United Nations

Secretariat Refurbishment

Client:  United Nations Capital Master Plan
Location: New York, NY
Architect:  HLW

Project Description:

The United Nations Secretariat, a 39 story iconic building housing 4000 users and originating from the 1950s, has been refurbished, as part of the United Nations Headquarters Renovation, to enhance energy efficiency, to rationalize workspace on each floor, and to accommodate advanced technology.

Facilities include the Secretary General’s office and personal conference facilities, two floors of videoconference enabled meeting rooms, the UNOCC Crisis Briefing Center, the press briefing room and media production areas for UNDPI and facilities for the external media.  The project included a complete floor of audio production studios but the functions provided by an advanced media asset management system and the inclusion of multipurpose studios in the Conference Building rendered these facilities unnecessary and resulting in substantial savings for the project.


  • Technology Program Development
  • System Design and Documentation
  • Architectural / Engineering Design Support
  • Implementation Oversight


  • Audiovisual Systems
  • Videoconference Systems
  • Audio and Video Studios
  • Press Conference and Debriefing
  • Press/Media Distribution Systems
  • IPTV
  • Media Asset Management


  • World class, connected boardroom fitting for the UN Secretary General
  • Reduced equipment cost resulting from technology reuse strategy
  • Reduced extent of studio facilities through use of appropriate technologies