University of Pennsylvania

Wireless Strategy

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Client:  University of Pennsylvania

Project Description:

The University of Pennsylvania appointed Vantage to consider the strategic implications of extending (or not extending) the University’s wireless data network to provide ubiquitous coverage on campus.  Vantage was also asked to consider and rate possible alternative technologies that included cellular data, WiMAX and other WiFi alternatives.

Vantage provided benchmarking data from a wide range of Universities and structured a series of collaborative discussions to expose and explore campus issues and identify opportunities.  Review of the current situation identified a series of independent (and mostly unauthorized) wireless networks covering some of the gaps in the existing campus wireless network, each offering the potential to circumvent central identity management and network security.  The opportunities associated with a central mechanism for detecting and eliminating such rogue access points were acknowledged.

Issues of increased workload on the existing IT staff were assessed and potential resolutions (including a review of outsourcing options) were investigated.

Vantage related the results of the technical study to UPenn’s wide ranging and long term objectives including support for ongoing changes in pedagogy, access to voice and data services, faculty recruitment and retention, the expectations of future generations of students and overall institutional image and branding.


  • Strategic Planning
  • System Assessment and Planning
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Facilitated Workshops and Visioning Sessions
  • Technology Program Development
  • System Design and Documentation


  • Wireless Data Network
  • Network Security and Authentication


  • Enhanced Network Security
  • Central Control of Rogue Networks
  • Strategic View of Technology Affecting Institutional Objectives