West Chester University

Peoples Building Public Safety Feasibility Study

Location: West Chester, PA
Client:  West Chester University
Architect: Cueto Kearney Architects

Project Description:

Vantage developed a high level assessment of options and implications for retention or relocation of the campus node and the Verizon demark as a result of proposed modifications to the Peoples Building.  Vantage also developed an assessment of options and implications for connectivity between the IT systems and public safety dispatch, security, IT and fire alarm systems and other related public safety systems.

As the project evolved, WCU made a decision not to relocate the IT hub as part of the project and asked Vantage to participate in discussions with the campus IT and facilities staff to validate that decision and uncover related issues.

The resulting report supported the architectural feasibility study and seamlessly integrated thoughtful IT recommendations into the mission, vision and goals of the University.

Rounding out the architectural, civil, structural, MEP and cost implications of the People’s Building relocation, Vantage’s work allowed Cueto Kearney Architects to provide a complete and precise illustration of the impact of the various relocation options proposed.


  • Site, Infrastructure & Systems Assessment
  • Strategic Planning Report


  • Information Technology Systems


  • Outlined clear and practical options for relocation planning
  • Integrated with broader mission of the University
  • Guided dialog with facilities and IT staff to make informed decisions